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środa, 13 lipca 2016

I LOVE going on tour - the interview with Lindsey Stirling


Szymon: I made an interview with you 4 years ago. And these were very important years for you. In 2012 you were just becoming more and more popular over internet. You started playing live in US as well. But some time later the popularity changed into fame. Your videos have over 50 million of views on youtube. You started playing concerts around the world. You issued 2 longplay albums, played together with numerous other artists. How do you feel with such a popularity?

Lindsey: It is very humbling and I feel very very blessed to have the opportunity that success on a monetary level has provided.  I am able to make music full time, go on tour, make my wildest dreams a reality!  It’s mind-blowing to me; hard to believe sometimes.  As a person, however, I don’t feel any different.  I’m still Lindsey.  I’m no more “special” or less “special” than I was in 2012, ever was, or ever will be.  And I my goal has always been to see myself and others that way.  It’s hard sometimes NOT to gage my success by how many albums and tickets I sell, or by how many likes I get on my Facebook page and YouTube channel.  But the truth is, success can not be measured by what others think of you.  True success is finding happiness and making the best of whatever situation you are in, loving yourself DESPITE failure or fame…regardless.  And I think that simply existing in such a way that you make this world a better place and making a positive difference…even if it is just to one single person…is the true measure of a successful person.

Szymon: Did you expect, that you will become such a famous person?

Lindsey: Had I not believed it was possible, I wouldn’t be here.  I’m not sure I necessarily EXPECTED it, but I hoped and moved forward with the expectation that I could make it happen.  Or rather, that if it is what God wanted for me, that HE would make it happen. I was always taught growing up that with God, all things are possible.  So why not?  Why not me?  And why not you?

Szymon: Do you like being famous and recognizable? how do you cope with challenges of fame?

Lindsey: Honestly…if I told you I didn’t I would be lying.  Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved performing, getting up in front of people, being the center of attention haha.  Not much has changed…I still love those things.  I think the biggest challenge for me has been the pressures that some of the media puts on performers to sell themselves through sex and vulgarity.  My goal has always been to be a good example, especially to young girls.  I wanted to show the world that it is possible to be successful and still maintain high moral standards…even the seemingly strict standards of the Mormon faith.  It proved to be much more challenging than I thought it would be, as I found myself turning down opportunities that seemed very lucrative, but that would have required me to take part in things that I did not feel like I could support.  There were times when I wondered if I was ever going to be able to live my dreams without making those compromises…compromises I was unwilling to make.  But with time, I was able to reach my goals and the sacrifices along the way have been entirely worth it.  

Szymon: You are about to start new concert tour - many concerts in US and some in Europe, including Germany. Do you enjoy such a lifestyle? Is playing concerts good fun, or rather hard work?

Lindsey: I LOVE going on tour.  I love the energy of the crowds, performing my music all over the world, meeting fans who have supported me all of these years.  I live for it!  I will say that I’m probably the most enthusiastic at the beginning of every tour, and near the end of every tour I feel myself winding down, ready for a break, and yearning for my own bed and my mom’s homemade refried beans.  But after getting home, not a month goes by and I’m eagerly planning for my next tour again.

Szymon: Looking into the past - would you change anything about your career if you had a chance to do so?

Lindsey: Oh there are plenty of things I would do differently if I could go back.  Lots!  But would I take any of it back?  I don’t think I would.  Because the mistakes are what has taught me the most, and my goal after every mistake has been to learn and use it to my advantage as I tackle life’s challenges in the future.  The path I have taken to get here, the people I’ve met, the music I’ve made, the mistakes and the triumphs…they have all taken me down the path that has led me to where I am today.  And I’m grateful for that.  

Szymon: What is the best way of earning big money - playing concerts, issuing vidoes or albums?

Lindsey: Touring has the potential to make good money, but it’s also extremely expensive to be on the road.  Most artists consider themselves very fortunate if they break-even on tour.  YouTube has been very good to me.  And my albums have sold well.  I’m honestly not sure which brings in more than the other.  

Szymon: You became an inspiration to many young people, who started learning violin. Are you aware of such effect? How do you feel as a person, who has a real impact on others hobbies?

Lindsey: I LOVE reading messages from fans who have started learning an instrument after listening to my music.  Music has played a pivotal role in my life.  I believe that music has the power to change lives for the better, both for the performer/creator, and the listener.  And so if I can inspire others to make their own music and share that love of music with others, I couldn’t be happier!  

Szymon: What are your plans after the summer tour? Do you intend to create next music videos, or rather concetrate on playing concerts?
Lindsey: I’m definitely going to try to make some videos in between tours.  YouTube and creating readily viewable, visual representations of my work is something I am still very passionate about.  As for the timing/when, that has yet to be determined.

Szymon: In general, are you going to follow your 'old path', or do you want to change direction in your career?

Lindsey: My goal is that my foundation always remain the same: 1) Improve myself personally/do what God wants me to do. 2) Create uplifting music. 3) Share it.  
Lindsey: How I share it and exactly what music I create will certainly change over time, because times change.  As a musician in a rapidly changing world, I know how important it is to be able to adjust, use the resources available, and be creative…because that is what it takes to stand out and to continue standing out.  

Szymon: What advice would you give to people who dream about building their careers basing on youtube?

Lindsey: Like I said before, you have to find your niche, and it needs to stand out.  Dare to be different.  There is no one else on the planet just like you!  You’re one in a trillion!  So find your audience, interact with them (your fans), let them know you appreciate their patronage.  And collaborate with other YouTube artists who have a similar number of subscribers as you do, then work your way up.  

Szymon: Do you have any specific memories about your visits and concerts in Poland (October 2014)?
Lindsey: During one of my visits to Poland, a huge group of fans met me outside after an interview to wish me happy birthday.  I had been feeling so sorry for myself…being away and alone on my birthday haha…and it TOTALLY made my day! (this event can be seen on Youtube here -author's comment) It was an amazing birthday surprise.  Poland has been very good to me and I absolutely love my Polish fans.  Some of my fans even created an Official Lindsey Stirling Poland page for me on Facebook years ago.  Most of the original admins for the page are still there, posting on a daily basis, and the page is still very active. (Here were admin names and surnames, that I removed - author's comment) are the current admins and they do amazing work!  Thank you so much to all of my fans in Poland; your support means the world to me! 

The Polish translation of the interview can be found here

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